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Should Changes be made to the Boundary of Airdrie and Shotts?

Local MP, Anum Qaisar is asking residents their views on the changes to the boundary of Airdrie and Shotts.

Changes announced by the boundary commission will see an adjustment to the boundary of the constituency of Airdrie and Shotts. The constituency will gain areas roughly around Newarthill, New Stevenson and Cleland (see map for more details).

Under the announcement made by the Boundary Commission the number of MPs representing Scotland will decrease from 59 to 57, with England gaining an additional 10 and Wales losing 8 MPs.

Anum Qaisar said:

The changes announced by the boundary commission further proves the need for independence. The review will see Scotland’s voice at Westminster weakened, making it harder to oppose Tory Cuts. Only Independence can ensure that Scotland is protected from the damaging system that is Westminster.

“I am keen to hear what my constituent’s views are on the changes put forward. I have created a survey on my website to hear what people’s views on the issue are.

“I also urge people to take part in the consolation run by the Boundary Commission, more information can be found at: BCS Consultation Portal (

You can take part in Anum’s Survey here.

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