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Airdrie and Shotts MP, Anum Qaisar, has raised concerns over the proposed changes in the boundary review, with the revised changes now excluding “Shotts” from the constituency name.

The revised proposals to the Airdrie and Shotts Boundary would see some changes, meaning Shotts and the surrounding areas are still to be included geographically. However, the review would see the new constituency named “Airdrie County”.

Speaking out in concern over the proposed name change to the boundary, Ms Qaisar stated:

“The Shotts area has its own unique history, and to erase a key part of the constituency in the name is bizarre. Identity is incredibly important for the local community."

“Both the areas of Airdrie and Shotts individually have rich and unique identities, and to brand both areas as “Airdrie County” removes the identity of a key part of our community."

“Shotts is a town in its own right, with a considerable population. I am very concerned that erasing “Shotts” from the constituency name is being proposed. This is a ludicrous proposal. Shotts, and the surrounding villages, have a very strong identity."

“I will be working with constituents to ensure their voices are heard. I’d highly encourage my constituents in Shotts, and the surrounding villages, to write to the Boundary Commission for Scotland to raise their concerns. I will also put forward a submission on their behalf, outlining that “Shotts” should not be removed from the constituency name."

Under the current proposals, the number of Scottish constituencies would drop from 59 to 57, with this coming into effect at the next General Election.

Ms Qaisar also highlighted that:

“Through these revised proposals, Scotland is set to lose two constituencies which ultimately diminishes Scotland’s voice and representation in the House of Commons."

Below is the newly proposed boundary and constituency name:

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