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Fury Over Downing Street Christmas Parties

Airdrie and Shotts MP Anum Qaisar today challenged the Government on the recent news that the Prime Minister held multiple Christmas Parties at Downing Street whilst the country was in lockdown.

It emerged this week that last year a Christmas Party took place at Downing Street. In a leaked video of a press conference rehearsal, Downing Street staff can be seen joking and laughing about the party whilst the country was in lockdown. The Prime Minister’s spokesperson, who has now resigned, can be seen asking ‘what is the answer?’ after being asked about the gathering. She then comments that it: “definitely wasn’t socially distanced”.

This scandal is only the most recent example of the UK Government’s hypocrisy of applying one rule to themselves and another to the country.

The SNP will continue to do all it can to hold the Government at Westminster to account for its actions.

Speaking in Parliament, Anum Qaisar MP said:

“The Christmas Parties debacle further proves what we all know. That this Government is sneaky, manipulative, corrupt and believes that they are above the law. Even their own backbenchers are fed up.

“We in the SNP have repeatedly called for the Prime Minister to resign – because it is the morally right thing to do.

“So I ask - are reports true that the resignation of the Prime Minister is dependent on the decision of rich Tory donors?”

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