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Challenge Poverty Week

At the start of October I took part in The Poverty Alliance’s ‘Challenge Poverty Week’. The campaign aims to highlight the injustice of poverty in Scotland.

As part of Challenge Poverty Week, I visited Airdrie Food Bank. Day 3 of Challenge Poverty week focussed on the strengthening of the social security system to ensure welfare rises in line with the cost of living.

After speaking to staff and services users directly, it is clear the cost of living crisis is having a profound impact on those who are struggling to afford basic necessities.

Thank you to all the volunteers who keep essential services such as the food bank running.

Following on from my visit to Airdrie Food Bank, day 5 of Challenge Poverty Week focussed on community organisations.

I paid a visit to Airdrie Community School Uniform Bank, a local organisation that provide our community with an essential service, ensuring all children across Airdrie and Shotts have access to a school uniform.

I would also like to thank the volunteers for taking the time to speak to me about the current pressure their service is facing.

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