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The resignation of Liz Truss comes as no surprise to anyone- however as Rishi Sunak become the tenth Tory Prime Minster that Scotland has not voted for since 1955, the current chaos caused by the UK Government demonstrates just how broken the Westminster system is.

Scottish voters are being thrust from one political crisis to another that they have not voted for, as constituents across Airdrie and Shotts, as well as Scotland, continue to face unprecedented financial pressure resulting from years of Tory cuts, fiscal mismanagement and chaos.

Following the resignation of Liz Truss, I wrote to the former Prime Minister questioning if she would accept the severance package of £115,000 per year for the rest of her life on her departure from office. Through the Public Duties Cost Allowance (PDCA), taxpayers will be forking out for Liz Truss to be able to claim back £115,000 to maintain her activities in public life.

Under the current system, Liz Truss - along with other former Prime Ministers - are entitled to claim £115,000 for the rest of her life, regardless of her length of time in office, which in the case of Liz Truss, was 45 days.

Whilst families across Airdrie and Shotts struggle to heat their homes and put food on the table, this is nothing short of disgraceful. She must reject this severance pay. This is the morally correct choice considering the economic uncertainty the country has been plunged into due to her decisions.

See my full letter to Liz Truss below.

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