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Anum Qaisar MP calls on Foreign Secretary and First Minister to help Pakistan in time of crisis

On Tuesday 30th August, Anum Qaisar MP wrote urgently to the Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss and First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, asking what action could be taken to help Pakistan after the devastating flash floods.

In her letter to the Foreign Secretary, Ms Qaisar MP urgently called on the UK Government to increase the level of international aid and urged that more is done to tackle the ongoing climate emergency.

Whilst Ms Qaisar welcomed the UK Government’s announcement of £1.5 million in immediate flood relief, the Member of Parliament called for an increase in funding to provide Pakistan with essential relief as it begins the long-term reconstruction of the impacted areas.

The floods in Pakistan have seen one third of the country submerged underwater, with latest figures suggesting that more than 1100 people, many including children, have been killed. This is also in addition to the 33 million people who have been subsequently displaced by the unprecedented rainfall.

Commenting, Ms Qaisar stated:

“The flash floods in Pakistan are a direct result of the ongoing climate emergency we are facing. Pakistan is currently, and like many other countries who border the Indian Ocean, will continue to bear the brunt of climate change unless drastic action is taken"

“It is currently estimated that over 33 million people will be displaced as a result of the flash floods, as well as the thousands of people who have tragically lost their lives- That is why I am calling on the Foreign Secretary to act urgently and provide the necessary support to Pakistan to ensure"

“The devasting floods in Pakistan have seen the country lose villages and vital agricultural infrastructure overnight, and this will have an unthinkable impact on the nation- with Pakistan’s planning minister estimating that at least £8.5 billion worth of damage has been caused so far"

“At a time where The UK Government has taken the decision to cut levels of foreign aid spending, countries such as Pakistan are in desperate need of immediate financial assistance, as well as long term commitments to tackling the climate emergency"

A full version of Ms Qaisar's Letter to the Foreign Secretary can be read below:

In her letter to the First Minister, Ms Qaisar praised the Scottish Government's commitment to world leading climate change policy, as well as the Climate Justice Fund that was introduced for countries in the Global South who are currently bearing the brunt of climate change.

A full version of Ms Qaisar's letter to the First Minister can be read below:

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