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Airdrie and Shotts MP, Anum Qaisar, stands up for war veterans

During a debate on War Pensions and the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, local Airdrie and Shotts MP, Anum Qaisar questioned the UK Government and the Ministry of Defence over its treatment of veterans.

The debate was called by Owen Thompson, SNP MP for Midlothian to scrutinise the Government’s pension and compensation schemes for veterans. Under the current system veterans can be left waiting months for a decision on pension and compensation claims. Decisions are often made without proper scrutiny leaving veterans unable to claim the compensation that they deserve.

The Scottish Government has established at a £1.7 Million Scottish Veterans Fund to help support projects that provide a wide range of advice and practical support to veterans. Scotland was also the first country across the four nations to appoint a dedicated Scottish Veteran’s commissioner.

In the House of Common’s Chamber Ms Qaisar commended veterans from across her constituency of Airdrie and Shotts for their “immense sacrifice”. She stressed that despite a specific constituent’s case being raised several times in the House of Commons by her predecessors, the UK Government has simply not done enough to prioritise the mental health and occupational wellbeing of veterans.

In her speech, Ms Qaisar further stated that “veterans are an asset to our society and deserve the best possible care” and stressed that “all veterans deserve to be fairly compensated for injury, Illness and death cause by their time in the armed forces”.

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